Write a C++ program to swap the numbers using the concept of function template.

Program Algorithm:
Step 1: Include the header files
Step 2: Declare the template class.
Step 3: Declare and define the functions to swap the values.
Step 4: Declare and define the functions to get the values.
Step 5: Read the values and call the corresponding functions.
Step 6: Display the results.

Program Code in C++:
template<class t>
void swap(t &x,t &y)
t temp=x;
void fun(int a,int b,float c,float d)
cout<<"\na and b before swaping :"<<a<<"\t"<<b;
cout<<"\na and b after swaping :"<<a<<"\t"<<b;
cout<<"\n\nc and d before swaping :"<<c<<"\t"<<d;
cout<<"\nc and d after swaping :"<<c<<"\t"<<d;
void main()
int a,b;
float c,d;
cout<<"Enter A,B values(integer):";
cout<<"Enter C,D values(float):";

Program Output:
Enter A, B values (integer): 10 20
Enter C, D values (float): 2.50 10.80
A and B before swapping: 10 20
A and B after swapping: 20 10
C and D before swapping: 2.50 10.80
C and D after swapping: 10.80 2.50
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